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LimiTV partners with area agencies, youth clubs, community groups and merchants to support area schools in providing TV-free events for the national TV-Turnoff Week campaign each spring.  (919) 782-4198  

LimiTV works all year to inform parents about how to improve children's learning and health through limiting TV and identify alternative activities.


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TV-Turnoff Week 
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April 20-26, 2009

Anyone can go a Week with out TV... especially if it is Well Planned !

What is TV-TURNOFF?  

Why Host a TV-Turnoff?

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TV-Turnoff Week in the Triangle

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TV-Turnoff Week Works

TV-Turnoff Week works because… volunteer organizers from around North Carolina tailor activities to meet the needs and interests of their own communities.  You make a difference!

TV-Turnoff Week works because... children are delighted to have the time to do things that are more active and fun, like playing outside, and they love spending more time with their parents.

TV-Turnoff Week works because …it is experiential education.  Many of us have never gone a week without watching television.  We often find that when we take a break from television as the default mode, we discover that life is more fun when we do more and watch less.

Estes Hills Elementary
Celebrates their 5th TV-Turnoff Week in 2004




Our 1995 TV-Turnoff Week workshop was a wonderful success

Parents and community leaders came to learn how to host fun and educational TV-Turnoff Week events and learned about many great ideas from experienced organizers.  Our guest speaker,
Frank Vespe, Executive Director of TV-Turnoff Network educated everyone on the impact television has on our society and children and encouraged us to start where we are. 

Break-out session for Middle School organizers

Fast friends.. Stephen Jurovics, president of LimiTV with Frank Vespe, executive director of TV-Turnoff Network


In 2004 . . . .
Tookie's Toys in Cameron Village
had a creative event with “Fun without TV” Art Show."  Every child who submitted a piece received a Blue Ribbon.  Families picked up their pieces at the end of the Week and enjoyed a reception to celebrate their success.  

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Volunteer Today!

If you or your organization would like to volunteer
your time and talent to organize TV-free events in your area, call Joann Ingoglia at (919) 782-4198 , or email at

Screen-free activities for the week are limited only by the imagination!

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